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The glitch in the bodyshop is now fixed! :)

Our admin apps are open! Find them in the forum!

Do you wonder of something, but can't get contact with our admins? Send us an email with questions or other things, we would also love to get pictures and such, on our email address dragonpowers@outlook.com

Dragon powers is a 2D chatland based on dragons, which is not for sale.
We have dragon pose sets, unicorns, foxes, jackals, wolves, pups, fennecs, coyotes and much more! :D We are still under construction, and will get more poses soon ;)

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This chatland is based of dragons where you can "choose" your character as a dragon, but we do also have many other characters.
We also have different chatrooms (RP rooms where you can roleplay) or just chat with other members.
In the start, Dragon powers was only a RP (roleplay) forum where the members were roleplaying with elements and different dragon ranks and groups.
After a while, the creator wanted to make Dragon Powers bigger.
And that's when the Chatland Dragon Powers started!

Our staff team is big, and right now we are:

Our mascot is Galaxys.

We Really hope you will love our chat! ;D
We hope to see you in the rooms c:

~Dragon powers staff~

Site News

Feel free to join the forum: www.dragonpowers.bforum.biz

Pose sets that are coming up:
We won't disclose anything ;) Keep watching, we may gain a new pose set! :D

Dragon Powers has got it's own Facebook page, that you can like now, to get the newest news of Dragon Powers on your Facebook! : http://www.facebook.com/DragonPowers

Your lovely admins are also planning some fun games for you all later, just look forward! ;)

Have fun!

Made by our old beta, Saebrea!

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