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Deep, in the cold,
Empty darkness,
Billions of lightyears away,
Hovers a glowing red dragon.

A dragon with sparkly skin which reflect the universe.
The eyes are closed, but it's energy is else where.

On the quantum level, one quark connect with another, forming a proton and a neutron. Together they form a nucleus.
The red dragon is still not satisfied. Something is missing.
Yeah, electrons! The source of everything!

With the smallest building blocks put together, bigger things can be made.
With it's energy, the dragon duplicates and connects all the atoms and forms a completely new galaxy.
Then proceeds to form the elements; Earth, fire, water, electric, air, ice, light and dark. and suddenly the planets, moons and stars have formed.

From earth, a strong dragon is made. This dragon helps to put pressure to the grouns and grow grass and plants.
From water comes a calm dragon, which makes the stormy seas.
From fire, comes a warming dragon, to produce an atmosphere.
With an atmosphere, air got room to form, so an intelligent dragon is made to controll the winds.
With winds comes clouds, so electricity is needed to clear the air. Therefore, a quick and tempered dragon is formed.
The mountain tops are cold.
From ice comes a determent dragon to keep a cool climate.

Together, they form the thriving balance for evolution.

But nothing can live without light, so an empathetic dragon is formed to keep all the systems working.

Light need moral, so from darkness grows a dragon to give the systems a break.

The nature is finaly in balance with the help of the powers of dragons.

Welcome to Dragon Powers!
A mythical based chatland with the main focus on dragons.
With our 35 pose sets, we welcome you to join us and find your inner dragon.

Do you have questions for us? Send us an email! Our email address is dragonpowers@outlook.com!

Dragon Powers started out as a RP forum, where the members were given their power; Water, fire, earth, ice, darkness, light or electric. They would also be given different ranks dependent on their activity in the forum.
However, we wanted to expand, and therefore contacted the founder of Chatlands to code a chatland for the forum.
This is the opposite of what creators usually do.

Due to the already excisting rank system for Chatlands, we had to do a couple of changes, but we decided to keep the element system.

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Chat News:
- We just finished working on a new theme for our forum. Please visit our forum and give us feedback!
- We designed and updated our map, and we really hope you will like it!

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