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Hello and welcome to Dragon Powers!
We are looking for people that would like to join our staff! You can find the form in our forum or ask an admin! :D

Do you have questions for us? Send us an email! Our email address is dragonpowers@outlook.com!

This Chatland is based around becoming your inner dragon, where you can become a dragon or one of our other mythical beasts! We have many mythical and dragon pose sets, along with the basic canine poses. We are always updating, and will always be on the hunt for more high quality pose sets for you to enjoy.
Dragon powers is not for sale.

In the start, Dragon powers was just a roleplay forum where the members were roleplaying with elements and different dragon ranks and groups. After a while, the creator wanted to make Dragon Powers bigger, and the Dragon Powers Chatland was born!

Site News

Your lovely admins are planning some events in the near future! Have ideas for events you'd like to see? Let us know here!

Chat News:
Yes, we know our login image is outdated. We're working on it! Also, a new Chat Thumbnail and Forum Header are in the works from our great Gamma, Dorkyking. In additon, a brand new Islets map is on its way, done by our Alpha Darl!

Pose Set News:
We have removed many older, low quality, or otherwise unused pose sets.
Say hello to our new pose set, Primitive Horse!
Nagendri has no more loose pixels, and two new poses, "Angry" and "Fly". Check it out!
The Ice Dragon is due for a new outline.
WolfShark has gotten an upgrade! Unicorn next.

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